First step: Go to the sessions page.

  1. Go to Sessions and try to create the timeslots for the roundtables by adding groups (subtabs) and naming them as timeslots such as "10:00 - 11:00". 
  2. Also delete the main groups you don't need by clicking the config wheel and hit delete. 
  3. Here is an example what I mean by structuring the timeslots:

Second step: You can see three pre-set tabs (Tables, Workshops, 1-on-1 meetings)
You can change the names of these groups by clicking on the wheel. You can also delete a tab from this view.

What kind of event are you organising?

For example, if you're organizing a dinner you can create three tabs. ‘Starter’ ‘Main course’ and ‘Dessert’. If you're organizing 1on1 meetings, you can create groups with timeslots ‘’13:00 - 14:00” ’’14:00 - 15:00’’. In case of the event which takes longer than 1 day, you want to create ‘Day 1’ ’Day 2’ ‘Day 3’.

What if you organize roundtables sessions and 1on1 meetings with different rounds? Then, you have to create two parent tabs: Roundtables and 1on1 meetings. Next, create for example Round 1. Round 2. Round 3 and select under what parent group they need to be. 

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