1. Set up your event Structure with the tabs > See article 

Example:  For this event, they want to collect attendees availability (& topics) to host a 1on1 table.
The 1on1's are taking place on Day 2 (the parent tab) and at different time slots (subtubs of parent tabs Day 2) 

    2. Go to Sessions >  click Create Session form settings

   3. The form settings pop up:

Part 1 - General Settings in blue:  

Show/hide session title box. Show: means they can fill out their topic/session title themselves | Hide: company name will be used for session title.
Show/ hide description title. Show they can fill out a short description about the session. Or Hide: no session description needed.

Automation group: None, only change if advised differently.

Part 2 - Sessions to be created in purple:

Select only the part where you want to collect info off (checkbox Day 2 & checkbox subgroups)

This part of the form should be Only visible for people with certain tag.

Subgroups info
Select the date, the time settings, duration, amount of seats (for 1on1 meetings its total meetings in time-slot + 1 seat for hosts), the location.

The toggles:
Set time manually: only interesting if you have lots of variations in time settings

Set sessions to active: Switch on, if you'd like the sessions to be live after attendee/session hosts confirmed the form  (Recommended)

Include session alias: for exhibitors if you also uploaded their booth numbers.

Always finish the form with Save  :)

Then send email > Host for invite to people who should receive the session form.

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