1. Go to Sessions and click on the config wheel, next to one of the session tabs

2. Select to whom you would like to show the sessions in this session tab, by filling in tags:

You can choose ALL / ONE / NONE:

ALL = show only to attendees with all of these tags (e.g. VIP & Ticket 1).

If you have the tag VIP, you won't see it because you also need Ticket 1.

ONE = show only to attendees with one of these tags (e.g. VIP or VIP Ticket)

If you the tag VIP, you will see it.

NONE =  show to attendees that not have one of these tags (e.g. VIP, host, exhibitor)

If you have the tag VIP or host, you won't see it. All other people will see it.

3. Click on Save This Group

4. Test this by giving yourself a tag (read more on tagging an attendee) and login as an event attendee (PREVIEW button).

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