This is only for Advanced Users.

  1. Go to Sessions and click on the config wheel of one of the session groups

2. Click on Limit per ticket type

3. Fill in the Max Seats per tag (ticket-type). 0 = not unlimited, is really zero.

In the example below, attendees with the tag "1on1 meetings" can only join 5 sessions while attendees with the tag "vip" can join 8 sessions. 

4. Click on Save Settings and activate the switch (toggle) 

5. Click on Save This Group

6. Test this by giving yourself a tag (read more on tagging an attendee) and login as an event attendee (PREVIEW button).
*** CAUTION: every time you add an new tag or ticket-type (eventbrite), you should update the settings. New tags or ticket-types are default set to 0. This means these attendees CAN NOT join any sessions. ***

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