1. Go to Sessions

2. Click on configuration wheel of existing group names or click "add new group"

Group settings

When you create a group, first select the type of a session (roundtable/workshop/1on1 meeting). Then think, would you like this group to be a parent group or a subgroup? 

(1) Only visible for: Can be for attendees with a special tag. For example, investors or members - only tagged attendees will see those sessions. Use it if you want to limit session visibility. 

Will your event be ‘first come, first served’? Do attendees need to send a request to join a session? You can either choose the first option or let your hosts decide, accept and decline attendee requests.

(2) First come: How many seats can an attendee choose?  For example, in case of 1 seat per round, the parent group needs 3 seats in case 3 rounds are taking place. 

(3) Maximum seats per person = How many seats can an attendee choose. For example 1 seat per round, so the parent group need 3 seats if you have 3 rounds. 

(4) Maximum requests per session = How many requests a hosts an attendee is allowed to make in 1 sessions. The attendee can for example only be accepted once in 1 session but can make 20 requests in that session. The host who will accept the request the first will be matched. All other requests will be go away at other hosts. 

(5) Maximum requests per person = How many request an attendee is allowed to make in total. If a host declines the request, the attendee can make a new request.

(6) Duration of Meetings (in minutes) = How long will a 1on1 meeting take. If you have timeslots of 1 hour you can create 5 dates of 10 mins = 50 minutes with 2 min breaks to change time. = 60 mins. In this example you have to insert 10 min.

(7) Duration of breaks (in minutes) = The time needed to go to the next host/session. This will be later taken into the algorithm for scheduling the personal agenda’s of the attendees.

(8) Accept/Decline by: Host = host of the session accepts/declines. Admin = the people who have access to the system. Event manager = you.

(9) Require motivation message: Before making a request, the attendee needs to insert a required message for the person who accepts/declines requests. This message needs to be minimal of 150 characters.  We strongly recommends to make this required.

(10) Show attendees as: User pictures or Flags. "User picture" will be the picture an attendee uploads. Flag is an attendee nationality representation.

(11) Display settings: If you want to show dishes on the roundtables or not. We recommend this only when you organize a dinner.

(12) Display color: It's the color of the group you create. You can make all the roundtables groups red to have a better overview.

When you are satisfied with your groups, check the the preview of your event.

The next step is to create sessions in the Excel sheet. Make sure that groups are named the same in the system and your Excel sheet. Just in case, you can copy/paste the group name into the Excel sheet.

See also article "Create Session Group Tabs" (including video) http://support.networktables.com/sessions/session-groups-and-settings/create-session-groups-tabs

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