1. Create your event (click here)

2. Go to Sessions > setup your 1on1 meeting timeslots (read more / watch video)

3. Go to Attendees > Import your potential hosts with a tag (e.g. "host or sponsor") to recognize them (read more: Import attendees) and create a segment for hosts (read more: creating segments)

4. Import an excel list with their availability (timeslots per meeting host) with this spreadsheet (read more) or let them submit their availability by sending out the host form (if you don't know their availability - mostly used):

  1. Setup the availability form (read more: setup your host form
  2. Sent the "Host Form Invite" email to yourself and do a test run. (read more: email an individual person)

5. Schedule the 1on1 meetings emails (read more: email schedule for 1on1 meetings)

6. Allocate your 1on1 meetings timeschedule (read more)

7. Make exports you need (read more)

8. Setup/prepare your meeting area with Onsite Tools (read more)

9. Evaluate actions for improvement with our Customer Succes Team: schedule a call / email support@networktables.com

We hope your 1on1 meetings will run smoothly at your event - if you have no experience, read this article -> How to run your 1on1 meetings on site.

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