A step by step guide on how to setup your event with round tables only

1. Create your event (click here)

2. Go to Sessions > setup your roundtables rounds/timeslots (read more / watch video)

3. Go to Attendees > Import your potential hosts with a tag (e.g. "host or sponsor") to recognize them (read more: Import attendees) and create a segment for hosts (read more: creating segments)

4. Import an excel list with the host, their topics and sessions times with this spreadsheet (read more) or let them submit their availability & topic by sending out the host form (if you don't know their availability - mostly used):

  1. Setup the availability & topic form (read more: setup your host form
  2. Sent the "Host Form Invite" email to yourself and do a test run. (read more: email an individual person)

5. Schedule the round table emails (read more)

6. Make exports you need (read more)

7. Setup/prepare your round table area with Onsite Tools (read more)

8. Evaluate actions for improvement with our Customer Success Team: schedule a call / email support@networktables.com

We hope your round table sessions will run smoothly at your event - if you have no experience, read this article -> Checklist to run round tables onsite (skip nr. 8, for 1on1 meetings only)

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