Important! Please keep in mind that it requires time for people to fill in the form. Some may be on vacation, sick leave or just simply skipped your email by mistake. Start early - around 3 months before the event!

How to:

Example: Collecting availability & topic details for a 1-on-1 table. The 1-on-1's are taking place on Day 2 and at different time slots.

2. Go to Sessions  > click Create Session form settings

3. Set session form options:
    A. Show > if you'd like hosts to come up with the session title. Hide when using a             company name as a title
    B. Show > if you'd like hosts to come up with the session description. Hide if                     description is not necessary
    C. Leave as it is > Only change if advised differently

4. Checkbox time slots you wish to have available for hosts
5. Fill in time slot details:
    A. Limit visibility for specific tags only
    B. Choose the date
    C. Choose the starting time
    D. Fill in the duration (in minutes)
    E. Set sessions to active if you want them to be automatically visible after being            created
    F. Number of seats at one table
    G. Maximum number of tables available within the time slot

6. Repeat > for all time slots
7. Send email > "Host for invite" to participants who should receive the session form.

8. This is how they will see it - if the form is created correctly (based on the example mentioned previously)


Recommended when: 

  • Want to make sure you hosts will stay engaged. Letting them fill in all the details leaves a sense of responsibility and you can be 99% sure they will stay engaged and show up.
  • No need to work with excel anymore. Instead of working with rows and columns to setup session details, leave it up to NetworkTables and session hosts.
  • Much less work! Forget about all the hours you've spent by creating the excel file and contacting host for information. 
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