1. Go to Emails  click on Compose

  2. Click on the Segment (more on segments here) you want to send an email to and click on the Email Template 

3. Scroll down click on Preview Email & Send Preview and make sure the email content is correct and click on Send Later

4. Choose a specific date & time and click on schedule or click on one of the pre-defined options. (Make sure your timezone is correct).

5. Your email is scheduled and you can always reschedule / cancel a scheduled email (read how to do this).

Emails that we recommend scheduling:

  • Segment: Seated + Email Template: Final Schedule one day before the event

  • Segment: Seated + Email Template: After Connect one morning day after the event

  • Segment: Need First Reminder + Email Template: Reminder Unseated on 1 week after the welcome email is sent out.

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