1. Update this excel (download here) with the right info. See in the Excel the second tab: How to (Yellow fields are mandatory)

Note: Make sure your info in Excel is correct! You cannot undo the upload!

2.  Go to Menu > Attendees and click on Import from Excel 

3. Choose your file and click on Upload & import

 4. Check if all columns are matched right > match the unmatched columns and click Complete Import

5. Wait until all your attendees are imported :-)

Note: You can check if it went well via Exports >  Exports seating List > Download in Excel > scan the excel if it matches your upload.

💡 Tip: Watch this video that gives a clear explanation on how to seat attendees with Excel: https://www.loom.com/share/8548816985bb4b8d9a5b0ce3a0a595ca

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