A step by step guide on how to setup your event with round tables only

1. Create your event

2. Go to Sessions > setup your roundtables rounds/timeslots (watch video)

3. Go to Attendees > Import your potential hosts with a tag (e.g. "host or sponsor") to recognize them and create a segment for hosts

4. Import an excel list with their availability (timeslots per meeting host) or let them submit their availability by sending out the host form

    A) Setup the availability & topic form (read more: setup your host form)
Send the "Host Form Invite" email to yourself and do a test run.

5. Schedule the round table emails

Optional: Export the data you need you need:

6. Setup/prepare your round table area with Onsite Tools

You can valuate your actions for improvement anytime - schedule a call / email support@networktables.com to get in touch with our Customer Success team

We hope your round table sessions will run smoothly at your event - if you'd , read this article -> Checklist to run round tables onsite (skip nr. 8, for 1on1 meetings only)

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