When sessions not imported via excel - not often used:
Send “Host form invite” to hosts | to welcome them, let them choose availability and fill in their session topic and description & update profile

Send “Welcome” email to attendees | to welcome them and let them choose a seat at the workshop sessions

Send "Briefing Hosts" email to speakers | to inform them about their session times to add to their calendars and they can see who already seated at their session. Optional: explain how to promote their session via social media.

Send “First reminder” email to attendees who did not take any action | to remind that to choose a seat at the sessions.

Send “Final schedule” email to “Seated” (everyone with meetings)  | to inform them about the final event schedule

Send “After connect” to “Seated” | to let participants connect with each other  

Note:  first reminder and briefing host can change in order, depending on your timeline and goals. 

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