1. Go to > Attendees

2. Hover over an attendee > Click the preview button

3. An attendee profile will open in the new window

By clicking on the preview button, you will be redirected to the default session overview. To see other sections of your participants' profile you can add below examples to the event URL to see other sections of your participants profile. 

  • https://[event.url].iseated.com/edit-profile > to edit their profile data, like picture, phone number, name, etc. 

  • https://[event.url].iseated.com/my-sessions > to view sessions

  • https://[event.url].iseated.com/my-connections > to view exchanged business cards and connection requests

  • https://[event.url].iseated.com/attendees > to view the attendee list (without first & last name)

  • https://[event.url].iseated.com/event-attendees >  to view the attendee list including first & last name

  • https://[event.url].iseated.com/moderate-sessions > to check their session requests, motivational messages and requests' statuses

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