1. The attendee receives the welcome email. He/she is notified about the event details and simple instructions on how to request meetings. The login is generated automatically. By following the link, an attendee is redirected to the event page where he/she can request meetings.

2. The attendee requests are now being approved by hosts. An attendee will be notified about the request status. Once approved - the session will show up in the attendee profile. 

3. In the meantime, the attendee receives invitations to join the table. He/she will be notified with an email message and the invitation (including the motivation message). This will be visible on the attendee profile where he/she can accept invite requests. Once approved the session will show up in the attendee profile. 

Important: In order to improve your statistics and engagement rate, we recommend you to send reminders to hosts and participants to accept older requests and send new ones. 

4. Final Schedule: based on accepted requests a unique final schedule is generated for all attendees. Schedule the "Final Schedule" email 2-3 days before the event to inform your participants where and at what time their sessions are taking place.

Bonus: Attendees can exchange business cards with people they have met during the event. 

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