As a host (aka a speaker, moderator, the captain) of a session you have more rights than an attendee.

Before your session:

  • You can enter anytime using your session links. You have to test your audio/video settings before the event. For instructions and troubleshooting: read more

  • Your session will only be visible for other attendees when the session officially starts.

  • If attendees arrive 5 minutes before your session then, they are placed in a waiting room with a count down. When you are already in your session, 5 minutes before your session starts, the page will be refreshed automatically.

During the session:

  • You can mute attendees > Go to People> Select a certain person or mute all by clicking turn all mics off.

  • You can remove attendees from sessions > Go to People > Select the person you want to remove

  • You can record the session, it is being saved locally at the host computer. Go the the Recording Icon (4th icon, the circle) below your video and select Start recording.

  • You can share your screen, with the other attendees by clicking the Screen Sharing Icon (third icon). Attendees can watch your screen in small presentation frame and watch the videos of the host and other attendees or if full Screen Size without seeing others, but able to hear you/others

  • You can write like the other attendees in the Chat (fifth icon). You can share here links, content, emoticons etc.

  • There is a countdown on the left top, for you and your attendees, all of you all will be automatically be removed from your session when the time is up.

End of your session:

  • If you have another session coming up you will see it in the top.

  • If you have a back to back session there will be a pop up showing that your next session is starting in 2 minutes with a countdown. It will automatically redirect you to your next session or to your session overview.

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