The following emails are automated emails (for a reason) and can be switched off in case you don't like them to go out:

  • Seat confirmation > Attendee receives email after taking a seat or being assigned to a session by the event manager. (Recommendation to switch off when location is known)

  • Login Request > When attendee forgets their registered email login

  • Connected > Both parties receive this email after connection request is accepted

  • Connect request > Attendee requests digital contact details from other attendee/hosts

  • Auto-Decline > When a session host has accepted the max amount of attendees, next attendees will be automatically declined

  • Meeting Requested (Host) > Host receives email when receiving a request from an attendee

  • Meeting Accepted > Attendee receives email when a 1-1 meeting has been accepted by host

  • Meeting Declined > Attendee receives email when a 1-1 meeting has been declined by host

  • Admin Email (Never de-automate this one, it's for your team only! :-))

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