If you don’t want any session attendee to have host rights (mute/remove attendees, record video call, etc), you can assign those rights to a dummy account.

  1. Create the sessions using a placeholder host.

  2. Go to Attendees > Add attendee.

2a. Name: (Hosted by) Company name/Event name, etc.

2b. Email: can be a non-existing email address. Add attendee.

  1. Go to Sessions and select the sessions you want to be hosted by the dummy. Bulk action > Edit and select the dummy as host. Save changes.

  2. Go to Attendees and search for the dummy. Click on the ‘Exit’ icon on the right and access the dummy profile. Upload a profile picture that will be displayed in the session overview, for example: company/event logo or a picture that describes the session.

When finished, it should look like this:

Please note: The dummy account is registered as an actual attendee when your seat usage is calculated.

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