Most large organizations enforce strict security settings on their professional devices. Due to this, it might be required to change some settings in order to enable Audio/Video (AV) streaming on your professional devices. We kindly ask you to test if your device is able to connect using audio/video streaming or that additional setup is required before your session takes place.

You can test your AV stream by accessing the session(s) hosted by you on the Networktables platform using the links that were provided via e-mail. Additionally, use the two links below:

If you encounter a less than optimal AV experience, try the following steps:

  1. Remove/unplug every device from your computer (webcam/headset) and refresh the page.

2. Check your browser. Are you using Chrome?

  • If not, switch to Chrome (if not allowed by your organisation, use a private device).

  • If you are, check the video icon on the right of the URL field. Click it to select Allow and select the correct AV devices you are using.

3. Type ’webcam’ into the Windows search bar (taskbar) and select Camera privacy settings. Check if every main toggle is set to ‘on’. If not, toggle ‘on’ and restart Chrome.

4. Check if Javascript is allowed by Chrome:

  • At the top right, click More (three dots) > Settings.

  • search for ‘javascript’ and select Site settings.

  • Turn on Allowed (recommended).

  • Check if you have any browser extensions disabling scripts or enforcing additional security settings. Disable those.

5. Previous steps are not helping? You are most likely using a secure VPN. Disable your VPN. If not allowed by your organization, switch to a private device.

6. Use your private mobile phone as a 4G hotspot and connect it to your laptop. Refresh Chrome and try again.

7. Still not working? Use a private device to access the session. Laptop, phone, tablet, etc. Connect using 4G if possible.

8. Still not working? Try every previous step again. Afterwards, contact us in the chat and we will help you out!

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