1. Join the Live Webinar session at your event.

  2. This option can be found in the Share Menu. Click “Open Share Menu” in the content window or the “+” icon in the upper left of the content window to start.

  3. Select “Live Streaming” from the list

  4. The window of the Live Streaming feature looks like the screenshot below.

  5. What to do next can be found in this link on page 6 https://cdn.livewebinar.com/site/support/manuals/en/live-streaming_v2_EN.pdf?_ga=2.267408846.1995849660.1622708361-1892879318.1622124403

  6. What are the recommended settings when I want to stream to LiveWebinar?

    We guarantee that max Full HD (1080p), max 30fps and 1Mbps will work and such maximum parameters should be used when streaming to LiveWebinar, other (higher) parameters may work but are not recommended and in case of detection by our backend, the connection may be disconnected. Lower parameters will also work. Recommended settings: Full HD (1080p), 30fps, 1,5 Mbps, profile high, level 4.1 Live Streaming enables you to stream from any software which uses RTMP protocol with H264 codec, profile high, Level 4.1, AAC. At Full HD (1080p) the recommended bitrate from the RTMP server is 1,5 Mbp/s.

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